Khmer Youth Development Centre

The Partners Against Poverty, Khmer Youth Development Centre (KYDC) is located on the site of a regional government high school in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Here we offer a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. Our community programs include computer and English language training, which provide important opportunities for students to develop new skills and knowledge. We also host a Christian basics course at the KYDC. This course provides a unique opportunity to share Christian principles and to teach vital decision-making skills.

The 1000+ students who attend the neighbouring high school lack access to life skills training and are at risk of falling prey to the drug abuse epidemic sweeping the area. Drug rehabilitation centres are overwhelmed and under-funded and it is heartbreaking to see so many young lives lost to drugs.

The KYDC centre has developed a reputation amongst local students and teachers as a safe haven and a place of care and learning. We recognise the need for structured youth programs that provide peer support, mentorship, and a space to find hope. With 1000+ kids on our doorstep, we have a unique opportunity to share the Gospel and make an impact on their lives.

In addition, KYDC is an ideal training ground for local Bible school graduates and international missionaries who are eager to begin their ministry but lack the experience and cultural understanding that comes from exposure. We offer a supportive environment for them to mature and grow under the guidance of experienced ministry leaders.

Cambodian Child Development Program

The Beloved Child Course Curriculum is designed to reinforce a biblically-based sense of dignity and importance among children in less-privileged developing countries. When Jesus Christ came to earth, the message of God was incarnated into a relevant, real-life human context. God intents for the recipients of His message to be able to easily grasp what He is teaching us.

‘The Beloved Child’ has been conceptualised with this principle in mind. Although it can be easily adapted to suit a variety of contexts, it was originally written to address the educational and cultural needs of children in rural, developing areas of Asia. In most cases, children in these areas are facing a wide array of deprivation: physical and material; mental and emotional; social and spiritual; and the support system that is supposed to be addressing these needs is usually occupied with a host of other priorities, leaving behind a gaping hole in the hearts and minds of these children.

This course is designed to address the unique needs of local children within the loving arms of Jesus. Prepared by children’s workers living and ministering in the above-mentioned socio-economic situations, this curriculum stresses the basic value of a child as created in the image and likeness of God, redeemed from sin by the blood of Jesus, and needed by God to actively take part in building His kingdom in their family, community, nation and the world.

Through participation in their local churches, children will learn:
• Biblical principles and mindsets concerning their God-given value and dignity
• Virtues that will help shape their character for life, as beloved of God, their family and community
• Basic spiritual disciplines toward healthy and fruitful Christian life and witness
• Christ-like character traits that will prepare them toward becoming honourable and Godly citizens.


Transformational Development Program

The Transformational Development Program (TDP) is aimed at equipping rural Church leaders with the attitudes, habits and skills they need to be agents of transformational and sustainable change in their local Church and community.

TDP is a 12-month program focusing on pastoral care and community development initiatives with the objective of achieving long term, in country sustainability.


Drug Awareness and Intervention Program

Drug abuse is a devastating reality in Cambodia. In response, Partners Against Poverty has created a life-changing program to educate and empower high school students in their fight to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. The half-day seminar features presentations from experts in the field, including law enforcement, school officials, and those who have personally battled addiction. Students participate in interactive sessions designed to equip them with the tools they need to resist peer pressure and other influences that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. This crucial program follows the evidence-based guidelines of the Unitied Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. Together we can turn the tide against drug abuse and give young people the bright future they deserve.

Phnom Penh Dormitory

Partners Against Poverty (PAP) is dedicated to helping young people from impoverished families in rural communities of South East Asia achieve their potential. Despite facing challenges such as limited access to education and resources, these students are determined to succeed. Thanks to PAP, students who move onto higher education have the support they need to undertake the daunting task of leaving their families and villages. PAP operates a safe and comfortable dormitory in the City of Phnom Penh where students can focus on their studies without the distractions of daily survival. Mentors are on hand to help with study skills and provide guidance as students navigate the challenges of city and university life. The results have been encouraging - students who have benefited from from this support have gone on to successful careers, using the knowledge and skills they gained to make a difference as leaders and teachers in their communities. PAP's support has given these students the opportunity to achieve their dreams and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.