Fathers Warehouse

Father's Warehouse is a charitable trust engaging in the worldwide recycling and sale of surplus inventory provided by socially active industrial organisations.
We accept a range of unwanted or redundant equipment and hardware that would normally be discarded, and sell it to support infrastructure in other countries.

Father’s Warehouse operates as the fundraising arm of Partner’s against Poverty (PaP), who support poor communities and disadvantaged children in South East Asia. When you donate to, or purchase from, Father’s Warehouse, you’re making a real and tangible difference in the lives of children living in poverty.

Before Father’s Warehouse was even established, Mike Abbott (now our General Manager), visited an orphanage in Myanmar in 2008. The orphanage then housed 11 children living in severe poverty, with their caretaker earning just $60 a month. Mike and Clive Hebbard were instrumental in arranging financial support for this orphanage.

Mike had the idea for Father’s Warehouse when he was working as an Electrical Technician in the Power Generation industry. This idea was simple: take redundant (but functional) electrical parts that would otherwise be wasted, and resell them to raise the money needed.

Mike acquired parts and listed them on eBay — they quickly began to sell. As more parts were donated, a need for storage became urgent and an extension was built onto the shed in Mike’s back yard.

New parts continued to be donated and suddenly there was a new urgency for a much larger warehouse. In October 2014, Dean Gallagher, a local Christian businessman, donated 150sq/m of rent-free storage in Rockingham, Western Australia. Later in 2018, Dean again donated a large industrial shed that Father's Warehouse could finally call their own. Volunteers offered their time to build a massive mezzanine in this shed, as well as handling day-by-day needs like cataloguing donated parts and dispatching sales.